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With a 4.5 out of 5 star review score across 1,091 reviews at Amazon, the Bounce-Off game is certainly becoming a crowd favorite. Bounce-Off provides game-play through cards, bouncing balls, and a game board. It puts a “fresh spin” on how people look at board games and adds some variety to the mix.

The goal of the game is to build the pattern you see on the card. You can work in teams against other teams, or go head to head one-on-one! Training yourself to play the Bounce-Off game like a pro takes some time, but after a while you can get pretty good at it without much trouble.

Once a team color completes the pattern on the card, that color wins the card. Once a team color is able to win 3 cards, the game is over and that team color is declared the winner!

It’s a totally simple game to play, and you can even use strategy to your advantage! Block other players attempts to complete their pattern with your own balls, improve your hand/eye coordination to be a better player than your opponent, and more!

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Even outside with a little bit of wind, you should have no problem playing this Bounce-Off game. And priced well under $20, it provides tons of fun game play and won’t set you back much. This game is great for college students, adults, and even kids! As long as they have good hand eye coordination, they’ll have a blast playing!

Here is a video by Casey Lavere playing during family game night

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