Disc/Frisbee Golf Goal Set

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The Pacific Outdoors Disc/Frisbee Golf goal game is quickly becoming a family favorite. It’s affordable, involves exercise, and provides a nice “change of pace” from indoor games.

Three Quick Release Assembly Pins – There’s only three pins needed to put this game together, making for quick and easy setup, deconstruction, and storage. It takes only 5 minutes to put together.

Frisbee Goal Basket With Adjustable Height – The adjustable height Frisbee goal basket caters to people of all heights, so no matter what your size, you’ll be able to get tons of usage out of this fun game.

Galvanized / Powder Coated Steel Construction – The high quality parts provide long term durability for years of trouble-free use. Although it’s not rust-proof, it can withstand frequent outdoor exposure without rusting.

Compact And Portable – The small size of the Pacific Outdoors Frisbee/Disc Golf game make it easy to pack into a car trunk or backseat and be ready for travel! Outdoor events, parks, picnics, and camping are perfect outdoor venues for this game.

Impress Your Friends By “Goaling” The Disc From The Furthest Distance Away!

You can find video footage of people in long distance throwing competitions on the Internet, and it’s actually pretty amazing! People whiz the disc at the goal from far away, creating a visual feast as it gets closer and closer, and finally gets swallowed up in a frenzy! The chain goal goes WILD when the disc strikes it with such velocity.

You can also set up custom rules, and include other items along with the discs and chain goal to add some excitement. If you get really creative, you can get many years of fun game play out of this Pacific Outdoors Frisbee Golf Goal set!

Pacific Outdoors Disc/Frisbee Golf Goal Game Includes :

How to play Frisbee/Disc golf video

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