Hobbit The Battle of Five Armies Board Game

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If you are an army lover or someone who fascinates battles then The Battle of Five Armies board game is exactly what you have been looking for. Priced at only $72.00, this game is available on amazon for ages 13 and above. With only a click away, the best of risky and ferocious games will be at your doorstep. It requires a maximum of 2 players and the duration of play is almost 90 plus minutes. So you easily have more than an hour and a half to consume yourself in the fun of battling virtually. Inspired by Hobbit movie and themed according to that, the battle of five armies contains 125 plastic figures along with the other components to give you real life playing experience.

The game actually works when alliances were made between warriors, elves, humans, and dwarfs and other to defend the lonely mountain and treasure of smog. The Battle of Five Armies board game is a shadow of “The Hobbit” and the challenges one faces during facing an infinite gang of minions. An unstoppable onslaught is about to be triggered and the spirits should be held high to play this nerve wrecking game, which provides real time experience. This game not only allows you to recreate the climax of this movie in your own epic style, but also lets you experience the virtual reality of a movie. It involves all the original characters like Azog, Bolg and Gandalf the Grey. It is an action dice and card game. It has the latest addition of Fate Track mechanic as well. The unique and beautifully built sculptures of these action figures will illuminate your gaming experience and intensify it to another new and enriched level. This game has generated 4.9 out of 5 stars and maximum of positive reviews have been seen lately.

The Battle of Five Armies board game size is just perfect for the players, not too big or small but allows equal opportunities to fun for all the players. The game is absolutely worth the price of $72.00 and it is a must try for people above 13 years. The best part is the game played a mimic to the actual events of the movie, which is a great pleasure for lovers of alternate reality games and board games. Often people are offended by the fact that only two can play it, but when you once understand the gist of only involving two players, you begin to enjoy it even more and start loving this game. For most people the endless fun end after 3 hours, which is quite sufficient to keep you occupied on a Sunday afternoon and helps you get some productive fun procrastination. It is an excellent war game and in my opinion for all the Hobbit lovers out there, this game is a must try. The dice action fascinates the nerves and gets your soul intrigued at every roll of the dice. It does an excellent job in creating the magical experience of the movie in the actual.

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