Madwood’s Jumbo Wood Stacking Game with Clear Hemlock Blocks

Product Name:Madwood’s Jumbo Wood Stacking Game with Clear Hemlock Blocks
Starting Height:2.5 Feet
Bag Included:No
Customer Reviews

A fun and new twist on one of your favorite classic games. Gather with your friends or make some with a game filled with tension and surprises. The Jumbo hardwood (Hemlock) blocks are polymer coated and precision milled in order to create a smooth and seamless experience. Pulling on one block can cause the whole tower to collapse and end the game. Choose carefully, place strategically, and most of all Have Fun!!!Fifty-Four Clear Hemlock Blocks – same as the Classic game.

Another hard one to find. This Life Size Jenga game is made well. Pretty much what you would make yourself. The Cons are no carry bag and hard to find.

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