Mega Giant Tumble Tower – XL Version

Product Name:Mega Giant Tumble Tower – XL Vesion
Brand:Jaques of London
Starting Height:3 Feet
Bag Included:Yes
Customer Reviews

A superb giant-sized version of this popular indoor game. Jaques Giant Tumble Tower can build a tower over 4 feet tall during play.

Handcrafted using New Zealand pine from sustainable sources and complete with canvas carry bag, Jaques Giant Tumble Tower is a great game for the whole family.

There are different tower games in the market. They differ in the size and block length. The Giant Style game is one variety and this is made of square blocks stack together on top of each other. Another type comes with longer blocks and this can be easier to play. The choice depends on your preference. But generally, the bigger and thicker the blocks, the higher your tower will be. When choosing, consider the quality of the blocks. There are homemade varieties but they are not recommended. They have rough and splintered edges that may cause injury to players.
More expensive packages are made from better wood. Have you heard about the tumble tower, This is a fun game that suits any age. Adults and children alike can enjoy building towers as high as they want and turn the pieces into their masterpieces. The game is loved by boys pretending to be architects or engineers. It is great during gatherings as it entertains the guests. So, if you are thinking of unique gift ideas for kids and the kids-at-heart, consider the tumble tower.

Tumble tower is not just an indoor but it can also be considered as an outdoor game. Instead of playing cards or being attached to video games, the game provides you an opportunity to be creative. Although it seems to be a simple game, it teaches the value of patience and making logical choices. It is a great training for children and adults who tend to become impatient especially in this fast-paced world. You can even slightly modify the game to make it more exciting. Some families added truth or dare on some blocks to give it a twist. Block size 210 x 47 x 40 mm. (approx. 8 1/4 x 1 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches)Handcrafted (handmade) from New Zealand Pine. A SUPERIOR QUALITY SET of timber and fully Forestry commission (FSC) approved for a better planet.


I’m not a fan of this one. Yes, it has a nice carry bag but the gaps and type of wood used is just to my liking. Can’t figure out why it has such hight user reviews.

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