Review: Huntsville Warehouse Giant Toppling Tower

Product Name:Giant Toppling Tower
Brand:Huntsville Warehouse
Starting Height:2 Feet, 4 inches
Bag Included:Yes
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We ordered this Tumbling Towers set and received it in 2 days with my prime. It came tightly packed and is actually lighter than I expected which is nice for travel.

We took it on vacation with us and it turned out to be a hit. Everyone loved it!

Size: in the start position is right about 28″ and can get 5-6 feet depending on how good you are.

Quality: well made (in the U.S.A.). It also came with two extra wood pieces in case you lose one. The seller reached out to me after I received it to make sure I was happy and to let me know that I could get extra pieces from him in the future.

All pieces seem straight and smooth.

Carry Bag: the game fits perfect in the bag. It seems to be able to handle the weight of the game well but only time will tell. The weight of the game bagged up is just shy of 25LB. It is compact and easy to carry.

Company: as mentioned above, I received the game on time in two days and, they reached out to me personally to make sure I was happy with the product. Can’t ask for anything more.

Game suggestions: I have not done so yet but plan on marking half the boards with “bombs” like dare type stuff.

Here are photos of unpacking and measurements

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