5 Birthday Party Games for Adults Ideas

Birthday Party Games for Adults

Some people find it hard to come up with ideas for birthday party games for adults, but there are actually a lot of fun games to choose from. Here we hope to give you some ideas on what is out there to make your party as fun as possible.

We will be going over games that are fun and can be played indoors by about anyone. There are just too many games to cover. If you are interested in outdoor party games for adults or something more active, I suggest you check out our adult games section which includes outdoor games. Giant Jenga and Cornhole are just a couple of examples of what you will find.

There are plenty of different birthday party games for adults but not all of them are as fun as the others. These five birthday games will help you make your next birthday party a hoot for you and your friends. Just be aware that not all of these games are appropriate for kids.

Birthday Party Games for Adults

Balloon Shaving

This game may seem childish to some but its super fun for both kids and adults. You will need a balloon for everyone that is participating in this game. The balloons are inflated cover them in shaving cream. Participants then shave the balloons. The first one to get all of the shaving cream off without popping their balloon wins. For safety it is highly advised that you use plastic knives for razors. While you can play with real razors, never use metal knives for this, including pocket knives.

Cards Against Humanity

Our next birthday party games for adults idea is Cards Against Humanity. Have you ever played Apples to Apples? Cards Against Humanity is the adult version of Apples to Apples. In this game you have a subject card with at least one blank on it and you must fill it in with a white card that usually has very entertaining nouns on them. This game probably isn’t the best for those that are very politically correct but it can be very fun.
You might be worried about Cards Against Humanity not having enough cards for replaying but there are multiple expansion packs out there and there are unlimited combinations of cards that only you and your friends can discover.

Cards Against Humanity has well over 28,000 customer reviews that can be found here.

Fold Or Crumple

This game might make you feel uncomfortable at first but it is a great icebreaker for large groups of people. Whether using it as a birthday party game for adults or for an event game, it is a fun one. Go one by one and ask everyone whether they fold or crumple their toilet paper. This game is interesting because it turns out that in most cases, when you have a large group, the results will be even. A good way of keeping track of whether or not people are folders or crumplers when they answer, have them move to one side or the other. This short game is a great way to split up the teams for other games.

Funny Birthday Business

This is a game that will get everyone up and laughing. This is an adult acting game for those that love comedy and improv. You will need a hat or bowl and slips of paper. Have everyone take a couple slips of paper. On the paper they are going to write funny actions that they would like to see other people at the party act out. The container is shuffled then set on a counter next to a bottle of wine. Everyone takes turns picking an action out of the hat, taking a sip of wine, then acting it out what is on the slip of paper. The host should slip in a few extra actions that the whole group has to do together.

The Balloon Popping Game

You have probably seen the balloon popping game on YouTube and had a good laugh. Now you can have a good laugh at your own adult birthday party. Just a heads up, the balloon popping game involves being very comfortable being close to other people. You will need a balloon for each person.

Affix a balloon to the belt of each participant or to the back of their pants. Everyone pairs of into groups of two. One person bends over so that the balloon sticks out. The second person attempts to squeeze the balloon with their body until it pops. Once the first balloon pops they switch places. The first team to pop both balloons wins. Keep going to see who the last people who pop the balloons are!

Hear is how fun it can be

Birthday party games for adults come in a wide variety of forms. These are just a few great ideas. Be creative with them and add your own little flair to make the most out of your big day. Don’t be afraid to film them to keep the laughs going for the rest of your life. Check out Game Night Mania for more game ideas.

Got an Idea, Whats your favorite Birthday Party Games For Adults?

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