Backyard Party Games – Ideas For The Whole Family

Backyard Party Games

If you have outdoor parties either for the 4rth of July, Labor Day or just weekend gatherings you might have  backyard party games that you play regularly or you might be looking for some backyard party game ideas. Either way, there I hope this lens gives you some more ideas for your next party. In this Lense we will go over some backyard game options that you might not have heard of. These are all very fun games that are mostly played by adults but kids can play some as well.

If you are handy, you may want to make some of these games yourself. Doing so might not save you a lot of money, but you will be able to customize the games to your personal preference.

So if you are ready, let’s get started.

cornhole outdoor party games


A.K.A. Bean Bag Toss, Hillbilly Horseshoes

One of the most popular backyard party games is more of a known game called cornhole. It was first found being played in Cincinnati Ohio but can now be found all around the country. Some in other states call this game Bean Bag Toss, Corn Toss or Hillbilly Horseshoes. You can find this game here.

Cornhole consists of 2 cornhole boards and 8 corn filled “bean bags”. It is played with 4 people, 2 per team. Each team takes turns throwing one bag at a time (4 each). Players can knock off each others bags to take away points.

A cornhole bag on the board is one point, a bag in the hole is worth 3 points. Points are added up at the end of each round and cancel each other out like horseshoes. At the end of each round only one team scores.

Cornhole has a large following and many towns have weekly tournaments. You can make cornhole fairly easily but the cornhole bags take a little more skills as you will need to know how to sew tight patterns.

giant jemga

Source: jonnynnoj

Giant Jenga

Not the boring table top game you remember

The next backyard game is a new idea that I only heard about while on a working trip to the Turks. It is called Life Jenga or Tumbling Towers. Though some call this game a Garden Game this can be played on back patios and is so fun. Find Giant Jenga here.

You might remember Jenga as a boring table top game that your parents made you play on “family night”. Well, I’m glad to say that the life sized version is nowhere close to boring. Made out of 2×4’s you can customize it in many different ways. The place where I first played it had blocks marked, if you pulled that board you had to put a $1 in charity jar at the bar. This can be changed around to turn giant Jenga into a drinking game or “adult” theme but I must say that Giant Jenga is fun just the way it is.

Birdie Golf

The backyard golf game

Birdie Golf is newer to the list of backyard party games that has only been around for a couple of years. It plays kind of like cornhole but you are using real golfing clubs and balls. I guess you could call is a cross of badminton, golf and cornhole. The golf balls are called birdie balls because they have a shuttlecock (birdie) attached to them. Birdie golf is played with 4 people t.hat are actually using chipping wedges to hot the balls into a .

Any golfer will love this backyard game as it does take some skill to play and it is also a good golfing aid for short game. Even non golfers love this game around my house. It has almost taken over as the #1 party game here.

beersbee outdooe party games

Source: Julle neumann


A.K.A. Berisbee

Next on the backyard party games list has beer, frisbee and PVC poles included, how can this not be fun :”)

Beersbee is a game played by 4 people. It consists of PVC calls beersbee poles that you put into the ground and set beer a beer bottle on top of. Team mates are on the same side while the other team throws the beersbee disk at the others pole. The receiving team tries to catch the frisbee, if it hots the pole they also try to catch the beer bottle before it hits the ground. Oh did I mention that all players had to have a drink in their hand the whole time? You can play for points or drinks.this game is better than it sounds. Guys really get into it.


Source: Rachel Susko

Hillbilly Golf

A.K.A. Ladder Golf and Golf Toss

The next backyard party games that we are going to go over today is called Hillbilly Golf. Most people call this game Ladder Golf or Golf Toss but here in Indiana we are hillbillies but I will refer to this game as Ladder Golf for now.

Before I get into this game I would like to give a caution. You must make sure kids are not running through the field pf play. You don’t want to be “that person” that hits a child in the head with a golf ball.

Golf Toss is a game played with real golf balls with holes drilled through them and attached to a rope like a lasso. The scoring zones are mostly made of PVC pipe and resembles a ladder. Again played with 4 people the object of the game is to throw the bolas (golf balls on a rope) at the ladder. The ladder has three ways to score. Depending on what crossbar you land on will depend on your score. Like Cornhole only one team scores per round.


Source: Isaac

Washer Toss

A hillbilly toss game

Our next game is one that I learned of while tailgating at a NASCAR race. It is called washer toss and this backyard hillbilly game is better than it sounds.

It consists of two wooden boxes with a large PVC pip in the middle. Players take turns tossing extra large washers toward the boxes trying to get them to land in the center PVC pipe. Each player throwing 4 washers per round. Making it into the PVC pipe gives you 3 points, if you miss the center hole but still make it into the box, you get 1 point. Missing the box all together of course gets you no point.

In Closing

Well, I truly hope that you got some new ideas for the next party you have. Backyard party games is the life of all parties!

Please feel free to share your thoughts below on these games or if you have a backyard games that you enjoy that is not listed here.

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