Secret Card In Cards Against Humanity: Where Is It Hidden?

Without a doubt if you are a type of person who likes to enjoy a good game or have passion for some games, you must have played or heard of the Cards Against Humanity game. In this game, there are some cards that have mature content and are best played by all those who are not shy or who doesn’t get offended so easily. The cards are actually offensive and may induce some sort of discomfort or guilt.

But there’s a catch. The game has a hidden, secret card in it. This card manages to make the whole game even more offensive and fun to play. But this hidden card is only available in the Bigger, Blacker box edition of the game. Another great thing about the hidden card is that it works with everything.


The game developed on the lines of the much successful Apples to Apples game that was released many years earlier than this one. Apples to Apples was appreciated and acclaimed for its concept backed by its mature and satirical content. Though players may choose playing the Cards Against Humanity game in various ways but the original game includes each player drawing a total of 10 white cards. Then a randomly selected player starts as card czar and he/she plays the black card. Then they read out the content on the black card in front of everyone. Each one of the players answer the question or fill in the black using some phrase on their white cards and handing them to czar with its face down.

Then the czar shuffles the answers and eventually shares every card combination to the whole group of players. They pick their favourite (generally which is most hilarious or offensive) and whosoever plays the answer then keeps black card as a sort of point.

When the round is over, some new player becomes the czar and then everyone else draws back the white cards. The cycle gets repeated till one person reaches 7 black cards and wins this game.

The creators of the game have the hidden card within the box itself and it is a black card. The secret or hidden card is there in the lid of Bigger, Blacker Box edition of the game. All you need to do is to just use a razor blade or sharp, thin knife to cut away the paper lining on inside lid of the Bigger, Blacker Box and get the secret card in it.

You will see that silver letters are clearly written on the hidden black card that actually sets it apart from rest of the cards that are printed with black letters. There are a number of videos available online that can help you to easily find your black hidden card.

This hidden card has the message written as “The biggest, blackest dick”. If nothing else as well, the game shows that the biggest and blackest dick may be the answer to everything. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the game with your friends and see how dirty it can become.

Warning: Play with only those who can take the mature content of the game.



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