Dead of Winter Crossroads Board Game

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Could you survive in a world where hungry monsters stalked your every move, hoping to make you their dinner? Dead of Winter Crossroads Game lets you and a group of your friends find out if you have what it takes to make it through the unthinkable. This cooperative strategy game is intended for groups of two to five and is new every time you play it.

In Dead of Winter Crossroads Game, you and the other players each lead a group of dozens of survivors. To survive in the nightmarish world, you must work together for the common good; however, each of you also has a secret personal objective to achieve. In some cases, those objectives are innocuous. Other times, they are downright destructive, but you must complete them in order to win the game.

With the Dead of Winter Crossroads Game, your entire group can win or lose or some players may end up losing while others win. To survive, you will have to think critically, make smart moves and look out for yourself and the other colonies. Along the way, you’ll face threats from the outside, deal with morale issues and respond to surprise crisis situations. You’ll also have to look for food and supplies to help the group survive.

Recommended for teens aged 13 and up and for adults, Dead of Winter Crossroads Game is a tabletop game unlike anything you’ve played before. Order today and find out if you can make it through the dead of winter!

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