DRINK-A-PALOOZA: The Drinking Board Game

Dringing board game

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The conditions apply straight to the following people if they wish to play this drinking board game,

  1. You must be a party animal
  2. You must have a craze for drinking
  3. You must be acquainted with the meaning of fun
  4. Drinking is not an option
  5. You should know how to have a party and lastly
  6. You being single or bachelor is none of our concern

Drink-A-Palooza, The Drinking Board Game

If you fulfill these conditions, then you my friends are welcome to play drink a Palooza, an ultimate fun game for adults and strictly prohibited to the use of kids. It costs you only $39 to waste yourself in the fun of parties with your friends. Drink a Palooza or DAP as referred by most cool people is just the right choice for you when it comes to you throwing a bachelorette party for your soon to be wedded friend. Like other board games or table games it does not require your effort of arranging a table for it, but it can be easily played in your kitchen as well. If you like the Cards against Humanity then this drinking board game is a real treat for you. It does not make you horrible; it only brings your naughtier side on the front. Couples can play it or even a dozen of friends can go nuts over it. We believe that no drinking game or bachelorette party is complete without it. It can be played with any drinking beverage, a juice or water but an alcohol is an expert recommended for unlimited fun. It’s a night game, but can be played according to your convenience and availability. But play this game at your own risk as this is something you should only do if you can handle the fun.

The reviews so far about this game are wondrous and positive on amazon. It is available on Amazon and can be ordered right away. The compilation of all the drinking games in one go is D.A.P for you. Let us just admit the fact that we find ways to drink and we love such games. So this game has been designed especially to get you wasted in the most creative ways that you can ever think of. It’s absolutely worth its price and $39 dollars is not a big deal for all-nighter fun. You do not need the hassle of finding pongs, cups and flipping card for your fun to begin. It has received 4.9 stars out of a total 5 on amazon and the feedback suggests that it is an all-time favorite game. Get ready for some funny and enjoyable drenching experience.

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