Kids Game: Hasbro Pie Face Game

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The old pie in the face gag is a classic of old time comedians! Now, it’s inspired a fun game that the whole family can enjoy together. The Hasbro Pie Face! Game is sure to bring hours of zany, messy fun to the family and have everyone roaring with laughter.

The object of the Hasbro Pie Face! Game is easy! The winners are the ones who don’t end up with a face full of tasty whipped cream. The game includes a fun pie thrower contraption with a plastic hand that you can fill with whipped cream of your choosing. Attached to the pie thrower is a chin rest and a splash guard mask that is designed to fit both adults and kids.

How to Play Pie Face Game

When it’s your turn, spin the spinner to find out how many times you have to pull the handle. Then, put your chin on the guard and give the handle that number of pulls. If you’re lucky, you’ll stay clean and dry, and the game moves onto the next player. If you’re not, you end up with cream and a smile on your face! You never know when the pie throwing arm will lift and give someone a tasty surprise!

Intended for children and adults from toddlerhood on up, Hasbro Pie Face Game is a safe way to enjoy messy play with the whole family. Everything that you need to play comes in the colorful box except for the whipped cream. The set does require assembly before each game, but adults can complete the job quickly.

If you are looking for a fund family oriented game to play with younger children, we think the Pie Face game just might be right for you. Sure, it might make a small mess but the memories you make and the laughter you hear from you kids will make it all worth it.

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