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As yet another strategic board game based on World War II, Memoir ’44 forces you to think a bit differently than you’re used to with games like Axis and Allies, Risk, and Stratego. Most war games differ slightly with how you’re forced to use strategy, which allows you to hone your thinking skills on more than one level, explore strategic thought through variables in the gameplay, etc.
People have applied the skills they learn through board games into their daily lives with amazing results. And the more board games you learn to play, the more skill you’ll develop when it comes to problem solving, quick/accurate decision making, the value of sacrifice to reach new goals, etc.

How To Play Memoir ’44

The object of Memoir ’44 is to earn a set number of Victory Medals (the number of Medals depends on the battle scenario conditions). To gain a Victory Medal, you must completely eliminate an enemy unit from the battlefield. Once you’ve vanquished an enemy unit, you simply place the last figure of the enemy unit upon the Medal Stand on the bottom left of the board.

You can also earn Victory Medals from capturing and holding battfiield terrain hexes or achieving battlefield objectives. The first player to achieve earning the preset number of Victory Medals according to the game rules laid out for the specific Victory Scenario is the winner!

Sure, the game only allows for 2 players, but that’s part of the beauty of Memoir ’44. Most board games allow for more than 2 players, which forces you to “reroute” your strategy to use a multi-player approach for counter-attacking and planning ahead. With Memoir ’44, your offensive/defensive strategy is locked to a single opponent, which forces you to develop your one-on-one battle skills.

There’s also expansion sets you can purchase if you find that you really love this game! Available expansions include:
Terrain Pack, Eastern Front, Winter / Desert Board Map, Pacific Theatre, Air Pack, Mediterranean Theatre, Campaign Bag, Operation Overlord, and Battle maps

Memoir ’44 Comes With:

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