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When it comes to board games, RISK by Hasbro has been around for quite a long time, captivating the minds of people everywhere and igniting passionate involvement in strategy and strategic thinking. Families everywhere have played RISK for many years, and along with the gameplay fun factor, families can learn to apply the thinking skills they learn by playing the game into their everyday lives.

Who created the game risk? It was a French film director, actually, who came up with the original game in 1957. La Conquête du Monde – (The Conquest of the World) it was originally called. From there, Parker Brothers bought the official rights, modified it, and released it for sale under their official trademark in 1959.

The Internet is FULL of awesome RISK strategies you can learn for free! A Google search for “RISK strategies” yields tons of custom/creative gameplay maneuvers created by people who play RISK regularly.

Three Modes Of Gameplay – Introductory, Classic, and Two-Player
2-5 Players Can Compete For World Domination At Once
Learn To Defend Your Territories And Attack Opponents Strategically

Comes With: Gameboard, 5 Armies, 40 Infantry, 12 Cavalry, 8 Artillery, 5 Dice, 43 Playing Cards, Two Reference Cards, And Rule Booklet.

Beginners Introduction To RISK – Gameplay

There’s a total of 42 territories in RISK, grouped into six continents. The object of the game is to control/own as many territories as possible while eliminating other players in the process. Each player is in control of his/her armies, with some of the outcome of the game left to chance, determined by dice rolls. Players can roll up to three dice at a time, depending on their army size.

It’s easy to spend hours per day, especially during the weekend, finding ways to outsmart your opponents. Young people love playing RISK, and it’s playable by ages 4 and up! RISK is a great way to pass the time, and when you’re playing, time flies by fast! A single game can take 3 hours or more.

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