The Best War/Strategy Board Games

Throughout the ages many war and strategy board games have come out with some even having special editions to be themed after books and televisions shows. With so many options out there though how are you supposed to know which ones are best? Here is a list of some of the best war/strategy board games out there.

Memoir '44Memoir ‘44

This World War II game is perhaps one that just about anyone can play. There aren’t any long history lessons and you don’t have to know about magic to play it. Just about everyone knows about World War II and the battle against Hitler’s regime. This is another two player card based game where you have to battle to win the war.
A great part of the Memoir ’44 game is that on top of not needing to know the exact history of the war and not having to learn a magic combat system it is designed to be an entry level war board game. You won’t spend much time learning, instead you will spend more time playing.

Memoir ’44 makes the tops of many of these lists because it is designed to be replayable. There are multiple expansion packs and even packs to expand the terrain of the game. The possibilities might not be endless but they are enough to keep you coming back to this game for years to come.


Risk is a classic board game dating back to the late 1950s. It is a turn based game where players battle to expand the borders of their territory. Soldiers are moved around the board to attack other troops and take over the tiles. Over the years there have been several versions of it. The original French version is known as The Conquest of the World while the version that was ported to America is known as The Continental Game. It later evolved another title, The Game Of Global Domination.

Settlers of Catan

The settlers of Catan is an amazing game that has made its way around the strategy circles and still continues to be popular. A hex based board full of resources requires players to fight for what they need to build settlements then all the way on up to cities. As the die roles you collect the resources that you have under your control and use them to expand. For every settlement you complete you earn a victory point and it takes 10 victory points to win.
In both the United States and Germany, Settlers of Catan has won game of the year awards.


Diplomacy is the game for people who like detailed and long games. The game was released in 1959 and has since been the strategic game that many people turn to when they think of strategy based board games. Where diplomacy varies from other games is that each turn or season everyone negotiates then writes their actions down on a piece of paper. After everyone’s actions are written down they are then performed at the same time. It makes it really hard to anticipate what other players are going to do.
At the end of every year of the board game the amount of supply centers that are in control of the players are added up. To win you must have over half of the supply centers under your control.

Battles of Westeros

If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones Series you will like this game which is based off George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. It is an adaptation of the Richard Borg combat card system I which players battle with cards that they hold in their hands and role a dice to decide the exact damage of the attack. According to board game experts it takes some liberties with the game play type but it is still one of the most fun war games you will find out there.

Twilight Struggle

Do you like the era of secret and intrigue where the Soviet Union was poised against The United States? Well this game will take you back to that. Twilight Struggle is a two player map based board game where the players engage in chest thumping, intrigue, and only sometimes warfare. How you best use your limited resources is up to you.

Go ahead and check Game Night Mania and pick up one of these board games to immerse yourself in the world of battle and strategy. Go beyond Monopoly to a game that really makes you think.

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