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Looking for a way to put that spark back into your love life? Turning foreplay into fun can help to break the ice and put both of you in the mood for a night of passion! XXXopoly is the perfect game to get out at after a date or a quiet dinner at home. Not only is it sure to get you both excited, but it can also help you strengthen your bond with one another and learn more about each other and what you like.

XXXopoly is patterned after Monopoly but with a sexy twist. As you play the game, you purchase Sexual Spaces rather than real estate. Each one corresponds to a different type of foreplay with items ranging from sensual and sweet to daring and exotic.

There are Erotic Chests, Hot and Heavy Cards, a Red Light district and even an S & M chamber that works like the jail in monopoly. When you land on one of your partner’s sexual spaces, you either have to pay the rest or perform the sexual task. The more spaces that you win, the more sexy, wild fun you can have with your partner. At the end, the person who does not run out of money is technically the winner, just like in a game of Monopoly. Really, though, both of you win when you play this sexy adult game together.

Spice up your love life with the sexy way to play Monopoly! Order XXXopoly together or to give as a sexy gift for a special occasion!


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