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Adult parties are a challenge for hosts always. It’s not difficult to throw a party but very difficult to keep it interesting and indulging. If you are planning to throw an adult party then makes you have some party games up your sleeves. When planning adult party games every aspect need to be kept into account. The most essential factor however is timing.

Do not just pull your friends to party with each other without any familiarity. The best is to start with an ice breaker session so that your guests can know each other. Read on to know about the adult party ideas that can add a lot of fun and thrill to a get together.

adult party games

The Voting Game

A premium card adult party game, the Voting Game is the trump card to know what your besties think of you in reality. This card game is made for players of age 17 and above. Available in 5 variations it will always keep the fun intact in your party. Group of any size can play the Voting Game.

All players do is draw a card that has provoking questions like Whose Google search history would you most like to see?  Or who will survive the zombie apocalypse the longest? Players will anonymously cast their votes and then you will count the votes and declare the player with most votes. It’s a very funny way of knowing what your friends think of you.

Peg a friend – Adult Party Games

Any party can host this game without doubt. All you need is a light plastic peg to get started with. The game is to choose a peg-ger who will secretly attach this light peg to any of the guest’s hair or clothes. Then he will move away from the person and loudly start inverse counting from 10 to 0. Other guests will join the counting while checking themselves for the peg. If the person finds the peg before counting goes 0 then the peg-ger will have to try again and harder. Otherwise the person pegged will become the peg-ger.


This game is more for lovers. If you want to add spark to your love life then this game is for you.  This game is more about foreplay and is best for dates and dinners. It’s a partner game of Monopoly but with more of sexy touch. Like Monopoly you buy estate in this game as well but they are more of sexual spaces.  The player who is left with money at the end is the winner.

Bend a friend

Bend a Friend is about picking a box. In simple words you put an empty cereal box in middle of the room. Then one by one guest come and pick the box with their teeth. Their feet touch the ground and their teeth on the box no other body part is used. With every pick you start trimming the top of the box. Anyone who falls or cannot bend to reach the box is out of game.

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