The Importance Of Family Night/Game Night

family game night

Many families over the years have participated in family game night. They ritualistically fight over what game to play and that game is pulled out of the game cabinet. The family settles in for hours of fun. Many kids will start to protest at a certain age that they are too old for family game night. This isn’t true. You are never too old to have a regular night with your family. It is important that all families schedule a regular night of games or conversation.

Family Cohesion

Family game night helps to build up a solid family spirit. The more time that you spend together the more you get to know each other. There is always time to ask important questions, get advice, or tell that secret you have been itching to spill to your family. All of this conversation helps to build the family into a solid unit.

Sense of Regularity

Family game night or family night in general should happen on the same night every week. This allows all of the family members to build up a sense of regularity. Kids know that they will have something to do and will not be off getting into trouble. It also allows parents the positive feeling of knowing that they will be able to spend time with their kids.
A sense of regularity also helps to build up your kids experience for when they grow up and need to regularly do things too. Sometimes it is good to teach them morals while not making it seem like a lesson.

Healthy Form of Entertainment

Family game night isn’t about playing video games, it’s about playing good old fashion board and card games. That means it will take your kids away from that glaring screen and get them focused on something that requires them to think. This helps them to develop key mental skills such as critical thinking.

Inexpensive Activities

Unlike going out to the movies as a family, family game night is inexpensive. All you need to do is buy a few board games and a deck of cards and you can keep reusing them for quite a while. One board game can be played for years and not lose its entertainment value. A deck of cards is one of the oldest games that we still play.

Good Sportsmanship

No, this isn’t men’s card night. It’s the time to teach your kids that they should be good sportsman. Family game night is the chance for them to see how you handle winning AND losing. Be the best person you can and make sure to emphasize the good games at the end of your losing rounds. You may not think that they are taking this in but they are.

Games Help You Learn (And Get Better Grades)

A large variety of games help you learn a variety of different things. Monopoly, for example, can teach you how to count, run a business, and handle money. You also learn how to identify challenges, solve problems, and use deduction skills that you would take longer to learn without having family game night. All of these skills will help your kids do better in school and get better grades. They will also help them down the road.

For those of us who may have already learned those skills it is never a bad idea to continue to hone them. You can never be too good of a problem solver.

Family Night is Fun

Your kids may be complaining before family game night starts but they won’t be after. All of the games and activities that you can use for family game night are fun. You also get to spend time with each other which is fun. The amount of memories that you can build from family game night can fill books.

Who knows, maybe your kids will tell their kids stories from your family game nights.

There are a lot of benefits to doing activities as a family, these are only some of the most important. Family is one of those things in life that never goes away, and it never should. Don’t take your family for granted and start having a family game night this week, if you can, start it tonight. You won’t regret the time spent together.

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